Believe and You’ll See

I was in my darkest time when I first left my study of chemistry at a highly distinguished university in this country and moved to my current literature study at a university with a lesser fame. Nearly everyone-including my family-told me that I had simply jumped from a frying pan into fire. They said that I had crumbled something I had struggled for almost three years.

Everyone knew that the transfer took place because I had not been able to afford the high cost of my former study so I moved to the cheaper one, but no one knew that I did it because I didn’t believe that chemistry was my academic way. I’d been embracing the beauty of letters long before I applied for college study. I believed that being a man of letters was the way I should be.

And my darkest time turned to be my brightest one once I heard a crooner sang “I believe for everyone who goes astray, Someone will come, to show the way….” Deeply affected with the song, instead of exploiting my anger to those who taunted me, I turned to Him and saw how His glory showed me the right way for me to take. My way became clearer thenceforth. I believed that the way I took would be right because I believed that Someone would always oversee it.

Now that I am really sure that these two beliefs-belief in myself and my capacity, and belief in the way God answer my prayers, even the smallest ones-have saved me from taking the wrong decision and have built my strong self-confidence to step ahead to face my future.