Deciding Is Fundamental To Creating

How often have you commented about a suggestion of improving something in your life with the comment, “Yeah right…the chance of that happening is slim to none?’

Your belief that creates the ‘Yeah right’ thinking is the same thinking that keeps you and your life, career, income, business and relationships from growing.

Everybody knows they desire improvements in some or many areas of their life. Everybody says it is easier said than done. Most people have difficulty deciding what to do. Deciding is fundamental to creating.

Would it be OK if I told you your thinking creates your reality? Would it be OK if I told you that changing your beliefs, changing your thinking; you can change your life?

What you believe and how you believe determines your reality. From the vantage point of source, any perception or creation, directly or indirectly received through any sensory channel – imagination, intuition, or faith can be experienced as real or not, dependent on what you deliberately believe. It is impossible to have a perception or creation that does not exist, but one may believe the perception or creation is unreal. Humans intentionally limit their perceptions.

Your reality is anything you believe it to be; if there is no conflict with your previous beliefs. Thus, the statement, ‘Yeah right…” is a manifestation of your disbelief that you could have something, which then means, you won’t.

In order to change your circumstances you need to change your beliefs. Changing your beliefs, changes your experiences. Your experiences create new opportunities to decide what you want to create.