The States of the Mind

There are different states that make a country. In other words, a country comprises of several states. Similarly, there are various states that constitute the mind. The nature of the mind is dependent on its states it recognizes.

‘The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our action’. Without a doubt, this is very factual. We become what we think. Of course, the most outstanding quality of the mind is Meditating Intensively, Never Declining. By implication, the quality of our thoughts is manifested in this mind quality and translated as actions. Also important, the quality of thoughts is made possible courtesy of the states of the mind.

As case study, we are considering the United States of America. The US has 52 states (Washington DC inclusive), mainly the northern and southern protectorates. In the same vein, there are different ‘states’ that make the country called the mind. Just as many states are created in many countries, many states are also created in the mind. Travels from one state of a country to another state of the same country are made possible through the means of convenient system of transportation to surmount constraints or difficult-by-nature boundaries. This is akin to the transition of one state of the mind to the other through the boundary known as decision.

Analogous to the previously asserted northern and southern protectorates of the US, we have mainly the ‘upper’ (positive, greater) and ‘lower’ (negative, lesser) dimensions of the mind. In the ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ dimensions, there are several states but for convenience, we are considering (each) nine states. Nonetheless, more states can be ‘created’, added. For the ‘upper’ dimension, we have: faith, success, joy, abundance, health, love, security, truth and wisdom. Also, we have for the ‘lower’ dimension fear, failure, pain, poverty, disease, hatred, lies, stealing and folly.

Transition from one state of the mind to the other is dependent on the quality of decision made which is a function of the most outstanding quality of the mind. For instance, if an individual wants ‘travel’ from the state of folly to wisdom, then such a transition would have to be made lucid via a made-decision that greatly depends on the rumination over, thought of and illumination on (identities, associated with Meditating Intensively) the state, folly, the individual’s residence in terms of benefits, limits and practical potencies. By evaluation, there is a movement (decision) that surmounts challenges or oppositions in reaching the state of wisdom. Eventually, the state of wisdom will voice herself in action! Undoubtedly, this is made possible by the complementing Never Declining quality of the mind.