The Sugar to Make the Medicine Go Down

In one of my recent articles I spoke of metaphors that we use in life, and I have always found this one to be a thought provoking one. So I ask the question. What sugars do you use to make your medicine go down and why?

There was a time when I never really wanted to know the truth, and I would avoid certain areas of life because the truth scared me. There would have to be a certain amount of “sugar” that I could take with the “medicine” in order to digest what was going on. The problem with that as I have learned, is that you never really get the full effect do you? I mean in a way, the medicine may taste awful, it may be hard to swallow, but it is necessary to move forward in life. Take for example when I speak to athletes about their performance at a competition. I give a certain amount of feedback regarding their appearance, stage presence, physical conditioning etc. But I always add in some sugar. I say “you had a great smile! But you could use some more muscle tone, or lean muscle mass, great color though!” In effect I make a crap sandwich. I create a layer of compliments or “sugar”, then medicine, then another layer of sugar.

We as humans need that layered effect so we don’t lose faith in our goals, and in our visions. If it was all medicine, we focus on bad things and our fear takes over. But why is that? And how can we use the medicine more effectively?

I think first of all, the need for this speaks to how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough, no amount of awful taste will deter you. We go through life often searching for sugars, and avoiding medicine. You will find however when others are successful, they love the medicine. They love it because they know it will make them better, it will push them closer to their goals. They do not rely so much on sugars like everyone else, they simply learn and grow.

We have to be able to change the way we see the medicine. Be it in the form of hard facts, difficult truth, criticism, or situational awareness. See the medicine as an opportunity for growth, and not something that needs sugar to sweeten it up. Now, there will always be some things in life that will be difficult no matter what. What I am speaking more towards is the majority of things in life like when you get knocked down after failing to meet a goal, or when you don’t do as well as you wanted in an endeavor you set out in. Take the medicine, know that it is helping you, and move forward.

Live big, Dream bigger.