The Value of Subliminal Messaging

A lot of scams on the internet are related to ideas of subliminal messaging to get women to go to bed with you or to get your job promotion, and whatnot. The thing about subliminal messaging is that it is vastly overrated. People who espouse the use of such techniques as flashing signs of ‘Buy Coke’ during film viewings in theaters are focusing too much on largely unproven, not to mention nonsensical, theories about how the mind works. It is a bunch of mystic crap with no actual relevance to living.

Besides, if you somehow hypnotize a woman into liking you, what kind of a man will you be? Such brainwashing is tantamount to rape at the worst, and does not make you any less of a dork.

People want to think that control of other people’s minds is so easy, that there is a switch that could get people to do what you want. Just as Professor X from the X-Men can read minds and control them to do his bidding, these dorks would want to say a magic word or two to make a girl fall for them.

Out there on the internet is a guide to subliminal messaging that will ‘surely’ get a girl to sleep with you. It basically consists of phrasing your questions into commands. Even though you may be asking questions, you are actually declaring them. Such as, “You’re going to my place?” or “You really like me huh?” And this is supposed to turn women’s minds into mashed potatoes, for them to do your bidding.

It is better not to be too concerned with your phrasings or the connotations you are making with each term you are using. These only make you uncertain. What needs practice, however, is saying things with conviction and with the right tone of voice and body language. Now that is going to make a mark on a woman’s mind.

Instead of focusing on seducing women through ‘trickery,’ there is the much more honorable path of learning to be a real man. Someone with the discipline to take care of himself, and with the confidence to face the day and all it has to throw towards him. Unless you believe in your self worth, there seems to be no point in getting people to like you. All the scams that claim to make girls interested in you will be of no real benefit to you.